Martín Granados

Software Developer (hacker) currently based in Mexico City 🇲🇽

Oyster by day, sideprojects by night. My big hobby is to build projects and release things people want to use. I work as a fullstack developer. Right now I mainly do Javascript for frontend with React and NodeJS for backend. On my spare time I do Python for fun and to solve algorithms.

I started @hackertalk a couple years ago with good friends. If you are interested in interviews with latam hackers/founders of startups in the region I suggest you keep an eye on the project 👀.

I used to blog a bit on Medium in the past. Right now you can find my latest essays on essays now

If you wanna be updated on my projects my most reliable source of updates is my twitter: @mgranados_

I have a digital version of a bookshelf. Of the list of books I've read recently.

Right now, I'm coordinating a weekly call of makers called

Hack attack

Which aims to keep people coding stuff motivated and allowing them to share experiences with other hackers.

So I code and create stuff, I also read and I am a human being that will be happy to connect! Ping me on twitter if you want to talk. 🤠